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Shesker Family Photos 2 by Frigidchick Shesker Family Photos 2 by Frigidchick
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The problem that Malcolm had....  well, had always had, was that he was in love with the boy next door.

The gawd-damn BOY from next door.

Malcolm was to marry a woman from a good family, create the next heir, and continue on his plan to outdo both of his grandfathers.... and he was gay as a blade.

However, there wasn't a name for this when Malcolm was a kid. Well, he didn't know what to call it at the age of 5. All Malcolm knew was that the 6 brothers--with 2 cool dads--were the "the most fun & awesome" friends he'd ever had..... but if he had a preference--- Malcolm would want to play with Anderson for the rest of his life.
Shepard Bros 1 by SuperMeja

However, Malcolm didn't have time to figure out the funny feelings. He was was too busy having his blood taken and examined. He spent a lot of time in strange medical facilities with his grandfather. His grandfather simply told him that he just wanted to make sure that he was always healthy. Malcolm wondered if the tall blonde man knew...

Malcolm II had his grandfather's altered DNA in his veins--- and it's more stabilized..... more advanced. Malcolm II  is a registered Bio-weapon, according to his genetics, but the superhuman abilities were dormant. The Wesker & Landgraab family were puzzled. The abilities were there, but Malcolm II was unable to even attempt the abilities his grandfather, father, aunts, uncle-clone, cousins, and sisters could do on a regular basis. It didn't help that Malcolm II was also very small and underweight for his age. Albert Wesker highly disappointed, and at one point deemed the Landgraab Family as unworthy and the marriage between his son and their daughter was a mistake. This caused a serious rift between the merged families for a few years.

Both families were concerned with Malcolm becoming a victim of bullying, which he was. Emphasis on WAS.   Malcolm's older sisters, twins Alyssa & Veronica, brandished their 'god-like' abilities and became bullies themselves-- and constant bodyguards for their "runt" brother.
 Wesker Grandbabies 2013 by SuperMeja

When the girls were too busy terrorizing everyone else, the "Shep-lenko" brothers would go gangland on any bully that threatened Malcolm. He quickly became their "7th" brother. 

Malcolm II only had to whimper, before 2 Bio-weapon girls & 6 Biotic Boys would raze an entire elementary school campus-- leaving baby teeth, spilled paint, and broken crayons in their wake. 

The world of K -thru- 6th was Malcolm's....
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